Saturday, October 8, 2016

Bullfrog Books: New Fall Series

Bullfrog Books
2016 (Jump!)
Source: Review copies provided by the publisher

Oh no! Here comes a lion. She wants food. She bats at the tortoise. She grabs with her teeth. 

I appreciate when book publishers are thoughtful with their design. Bullfrog Books cater to the PreK-2nd grade crowd so they have created nonfiction texts that are sturdy on the outside. Like an Otter Box. These books will last through the passing and jamming into book boxes that goes on in primary classrooms. Their fall titles show they were just as intentional with the content as with the design. Two new series, Weather Watch and Weather in Winter,  tackle topics that affect our every day lives. One book, Clouds, smartly ties information about clouds with how people react to different conditions. For example, with puffy cumulus clouds above, Lia can tie her sneakers because she won't need rain boots. On the opposite side, Ben grabs an umbrella since large dark clouds full of moisture are ahead. Besides connecting children to the weather, the author does another smart thing. Big vocabulary words, like the names of clouds, are saved until the back matter. This allows a young reader to read the narrative without having to struggle with new terms. That allows better work with fluency. Yet another bright spot is the back of the title page. You will find tips for reading the book with your child.
Displaying IMG_2747.JPG As I mentioned before, the creators of Bullfrog Books have a thoughtful purpose with every item that they place in these books. Here are some of the other series for this fall:

  • Reptile World - Animals are THE number one topic in primary classes.
  • Meals Around the World and Holidays - For your around the world units in December.
  • I Love Sports - 14 titles featuring traditional (baseball, football, etc,) and new favorites (lacrosse, tae kwon do)
  • Hello, America - Kids know about the White House, but do they know about Ellis Island? The Alamo?
  • Machines At Work - 18 titles about almost every type of transportation you can dream up. 

I'll fall for smartly written and visually appealing nonfiction for PreK-2nd grade readers every time.

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