Monday, September 26, 2016

Paint By Sticker Kids: Zoo Animals

Paint By Sticker Kids: Zoo Animals
2016 (Workman Publishing)
Source: Review copy provided by the publisher

All you have to do is find 31. It's over ...there. You place the sticker onto the space. It's as if you filled the space with a perfectly even coat of paint.

One of the concerns that I have had lately about students in K-2 is their lack of gross motor skills. It seems like they are not able to cut with scissors or perform other craft skills as deftly as I remember in previous decades. So I'm all for activities that will boost these skills. Paint By Sticker fits the bill and I'm not surprised that Workman Publishing has published this book because they are so good at creating fun crafts for kids. The first half of the book is ten templates for placing the stickers. The second half contains the colorful stickers. Some of these templates have over 50 stickers so it's not a simple walk in the park to create these mosaics. That makes it even better as you get a greater sense of accomplishment when you finish. As a parent who has survived many many car trips, this would be a great book to give to a child before you go over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house. Among the animals featured are a gecko, a peacock, and a puffin. In the classroom, this book would be a good resource for talking about both regular and irregular polygons. Coloring is back in vogue, but if you want a change of pace, consider this cool sticker book.

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