Sunday, August 7, 2016

Anchor Charts for Starting School

As Steve Miller sang 40 years ago, "time keeps on slippin, slippin." Vacation has pretty much run its course, and classroom teachers are already going back to set up their rooms. I thought I would put together some anchor charts/articles that might be of use when beginning the school year.

Scholastic blogger Alycia Zimmerman wrote an article in Dec. 2014 about starting a new calendar year, but her advice fits beginning the school year as well. The chart on the left comes from the article. She has several good charts that can be incorporated into your classroom.

This chart comes from ELA in the Middle. You could make this an activity during the first week of school by giving students chart paper and asking them to contribute ideas about what you see and hear from a great classmate.

Teaching With Terhune

The Corner On Character

Crafting Connections

Kindergarten Kindergarten

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