Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Nibbles the Book Monster

Nibbles the Book Monster
written and illustrated by Emma Yarlett
2016 (Kane Miller)
Source: Review copy provided by the publisher

But Nibbles' favorite thing of all to nibble on is books.

Nibbles more than lives up to his name. Soap, socks, and rubber ducks are subject to his munching madness. Top of the charts for him are books. So much so that he manages to eat his way out of his own book. Who does that? Good luck trying to find Nibbles as he slips between books in a library. Having a bestseller for brunch is not the biggest problem. Nibbles is involving himself in familiar stories and creating huge amounts of havoc. Goldilocks has a hair raising experience when Nibbles beats her to the tiny bowl of porridge. The Three Bears are horrified, not at the sight of the blonde haired intruder, but at the mess made by this mini monster. He even left a hole in the wall on his way to Little Red Riding Hood's house. Young readers will love that they can put their finger through the hole created by Nibbles. Another hole is created as he saves Grandma from the clutches of the Big Bad Wolf. After frustrating both Jack and the Giant, Nibbles presses his luck a little too far and is taken back to his own crate by a surprising source. But when the chewing commences again, the reader of the book knows exactly what has happened.

Young readers will adore Nibbles because he connects them to familiar stories in a unique way. They love stories that have been turned on their head. Children spend many hours reading books whose outcome can be predicted from a mile away. Naughty Nibbles keeps them on their toes because of his unpredictability. That makes reading a fun experience and why you should check out this chewing charmer.

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