Monday, June 27, 2016

History Pin

What is historypin? It's a way to collect archival material and place it on a map. Here's a brief note from the creators: Anyone can pin photos, videos or sounds to the Historypin map. Compare images of then and now. Group them into collections. Share them with friends. Invite other people to participate.This past weekend, I contributed to a map of NC State University. My assignment was to write a brief history of D.H. Hill Library, find a photograph of it that I had permission to share, and pin it to our group's map.
Groups can contribute to the history of their community by posting historical photos and pinning them to their location. Families can post photographs of ancestors and family homesteads and add them to a map. I think for upper elementary school and higher students, this would be an engaging way to learn about the history of a community. It's a non-profit group that's interested in building social connections in places large and small. Check it out and see what has been pinned in your community.

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