Sunday, June 12, 2016

Goose Chase and Fotobabble: Jeff tries out new apps

Yesterday morning, I went on a wild goose chase on N.C. State's campus. For an hour and a half, our team of three followed clues on my smartphone and provided evidence of finding the answers to those clues. Some clues needed an uploaded photo, others simply required a GPS check-in, and another set of clues needed typed in answers. Point values were assigned to each clue. 

I had a blast racing around campus taking photos and locating places. I could see a class having a goose chase at their school with students writing clues for classmates. 

Fotobabble allows you to attach audio to a single photo and publish it. This app reminds me of Voicethread. You can share your photo and audio to Facebook and Twitter. I used the photo above and attached my reading of a bio poem. 

Fotobabble would be great for a poetry or biography unit. It was very easy to use so it should be student friendly. 

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