Sunday, April 10, 2016

Wee Gallery Books

2016 (QEB Publishing)
Source: Review copies provided by the publisher

When you are a parent or grandparent, you want to flood your toddler with books. They need to be colorful, cute, and have interesting textures. I'm holding Pets slide and play board book right now. I like the contrast between the bright blue and the black and white. I'm sure someone has done research and found out that this combination of colors is attractive to toddlers. Opening the book, I read three clues about the pet on the left side of the spread. The right side is an illustration with slides. You can go up and down and make different versions of the picture. These slide and play books are fun and a perfect size for a toddler. 

Now your toddler has grown into a kindergartner or a first grader. They love to count, draw, and play games. The Playgroup activity books will be a big hit with them. There is a WIDE variety of activities in this book. Math activities including counting and drawing patterns. Activities that ask the reader to find the differences and several mazes as well. A five to six year old will really enjoy this book. I would buy it for a kid getting ready for a long car trip or as a stocking stuffer. 

Check out the Wee Gallery website for many more cute activity books. 

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