Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Cockatoo, Too

Cockatoo, Too
written and illustrated by Bethanie Deeney Murgia
2016 (Little Bee Books)
Source: Review copy provided by the publisher

Cockatoo tutus!

If you're not intrigued by seeing a cockatoo in a tutu, check your pulse and have your next of kin notified. This book will charm your feathers off and make you laugh. It starts with a two cockatoos meeting. Clever wordplay with two and too fuels the sparse text. Then, from the sky descend two cockatoos sporting orange tutus and yellow plumes on their heads. Make sure you're not drinking something when you turn the page. Diet soda through the nose hurts. Not that I would know. The first two cockatoos seem to question the wearing of tutus by the second pair until a gift is delivered to them in a long box. You guessed it. Now there are a quartet of cockatoos wearing tutus. Other variations on the sounds in to come later. Would you believe toucans in tutus? What if they were doing the can-can? This leads to a fowl finale featuring cockatoos, toucans, owls, and assorted others.

Ever have a conversation that turns so silly that you end up laughing uncontrollably with tears gushing down your face? That's Cockatoo, Too. The wordplay is tremendous and the illustrations are adorable. Your students will be making puns the rest of the day. This promotes word consciousness which is the active playing with words. Cockatoo, Too is a sweet and silly romp that has rightfully earned a starred review. You don't have to be a bird brain to enjoy this.

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