Saturday, October 17, 2015

I Want to Eat Your Books

I Want to Eat Your Books
written by Karin Lefranc; illustrated by Tyler Parker
2015 (Sky Pony Press)
Source: Review copy provided by the publisher

"Oh no!" cries Eric. "Take a look. He's chomping on your science book!"

A young boy peers nervously down a hallway lined with lockers. Limping towards him is a zombie! The boy runs to his classroom only to see the zombie boy sitting next to him (I would request a new seating chart.). Classmates shriek as Zombie Boy eats a science book and a paperback. He piercingly cries "I Want to Eat Your Books!" Think of it as The Reading Dead. He's not a discriminating eater. Nonfiction and textbooks bite the dust. The young boy's favorite, Frankenstein, is spared as the class heads to the library. Of course, this is a buffet bar for Zombie Boy. When all hope seems lost, the young boy pulls out a book about the brain. He and the zombie struggle over the book. When a diagram of brain parts appears, Zombie Boy cries "Please read!" As one monster is soothed, another appears to ransack the library. A sweet twist ties up this tale of monster literacy.

Three second grade classes at my school highly recommend this book. It's a great text to share at Halloween or as a kickoff to a reading event. Elementary students have zombies on the brain. Yes, I meant to do that. When you can combine this hot topic with cultivating a love for reading, you have a win-win situation. The bright illustrations are a terrific accompaniment to this fun story. If you want to teach a skill with I Want to Eat Your Books, I would suggest problem and solution. Of course, your class may just want to devour it for fun.

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