Tuesday, July 14, 2015

I Learned Something New: Neologism

                                                           Photo courtesy of the BBC

While reading articles about the economic situation in Greece, I kept seeing this word "Grexit". It is a new word created to represent Greece's possible exit from using the euro as its currency. Then I learned that a newly created word is a neologism. I do this all the time when I take people's (or other creatures) names and turn them into verbs. For example, if you have "pumpkined" your plate, that means you cleaned it off in record time. This is what my dog Pumpkin does when we leave the cat food dishes on the floor in the back bathroom and she sneaks back to eat it. Perhaps the most famous neologism of recent memory is Stephen Colbert's "truthiness". Do you have any neologisms that you have created? Leave yours in the comment section below.

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