Tuesday, June 16, 2015

How to Tell a Story (Coming this fall)

How to Tell a Story: 1 Book + 20 Story Blocks = A Million Adventures
written by Daniel Nayeri; illustrated by Brian Won
Available October 6, 2015 but you can preorder now.

I'll tell you up front: I don't get a single dime for talking about this product. Zip. Nada. No product or swag. I did meet Daniel Nayeri at the 21st Century Children's Nonfiction Conference this weekend. He was incredibly nice and gracious. But that doesn't really matter because if he was a complete jerk (which he isn't), I would still be writing this post. Why? I saw this product and it wowed me. What is it? An interactive way to teach kids about the elements of a story without having their eyes glaze over. They will want to write after playing this game. How does it work? You have 20 six-sided, color-coded cubes and a 144 page book that will explain how to use the cubes and teach you about how stories work. Click on the link at the top for a more detailed explanation.

The bad thing is we have to wait until October 6th before it's available. Having seen the product this weekend, it will be worth the wait. For now, you'll just have to be the cool kid who knows about something before everyone else does.


  1. I just put this on our wish list. Thanks! It sounds great.

    1. My grade level will be each buying one as well. It's a great product. Thanks for stopping by, Jen!


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