Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Edmund Unravels

Edmund Unravels
written and illustrated by Andrew Kolb
2015 (Nancy Paulsen Books)
Source: Durham County Public Library

It's funny - when talking about a ball of yarn, the end is actually the beginning.

Edmund Loom is a ball of energy. He wants to see everything and live life to the fullest. Edmund's adventures, whether around a corner or in a tree, finish with his parents having to reel him back in. He tries to keep it together, but he is a restless ball of yarn. As Edmund ages, he goes further and further away from his family. His parents have a harder time pulling him back to them. Edmund sees all that life has to offer. Wonderful sights and sounds intrigue him and even the scary parts, like kittens chasing him, are "part of the adventure." He enjoys meeting different figures, such as a pin cushion, a button, a glue stick, and sipping a cup of tea with a vial of glitter. Wouldn't his parents be amazed to see him on the back of a kite above the world! But sometimes we can get a little far away from base and have to decide what is truly important to us. Edmund faces this decision.

Edmund Unravels is a sweet metaphor for growing up and being independent. Adult readers will relate to his adventures and recall their own youth. I think this would actually be a nice graduation gift book if you don't want to go the Dr. Seuss route. Young readers will enjoy the bright illustrations and different creatures that he meets. I would follow up a reading with questions about why family is important and what is interesting to students outside their town or city. Edmund Unravels also made me think about the challenge of dealing with restless children in the classroom.

If you are interested in a creative take on life, check out Edmund Unravels. Not that I want to string you along.

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