Tuesday, March 3, 2015

I Work Hard. Do I Work Smart?

Hooray! I took two years of loose papers and put them into notebooks according to month. This was a daunting task that I have been putting off. Thanks to our recent run of snow days, I was able to devote several hours and get this done. Completing this made me think about my work habits. I work hard. I'm usually doing something at school or home without a lot of down time. That's okay because I'm happiest accomplishing tasks. Others like to veg out, but that's not always for me. What I may not be doing is working smart. Reinventing the wheel every year has been my habit. I'm hoping the notebooks will stop that routine. Now I can see where I need more materials to plug in the holes during the year. I can also weed out activities that I no longer use. You know that new show on Fox, "Last Man on Earth"? I think I am "Last Man on Earth to Use Notebooks."

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