Thursday, February 12, 2015


illustrated by Raul Colon
2014 (Simon and Schuster)
Source: Orange County Public Library

A young boy sat on his bed with a large book about Africa (It reminds me of the large books that I would pull from the reference section in the library and sit in a big chair to read. Back in the Mesozoic era, you couldn't check those books out.) It prompted him to reach for his sketch book and start drawing. He started with an elephant that enjoyed his drawing enough to transport the artist through the land as he drew the animals that he saw. The boy's eyes lit up when he saw a rhinoceros charging toward him. He got his sketch but also a free trip up a tree. For the price of a sandwich, he was able to have a baboon sketch him standing next to the elephant. With the journey complete, the elephant gave the boy a tusk hug and he walked away and back to his room through the sketch book.

I'm jealous of my two talented daughters. They sit for hours and draw in their sketch books. I got a C in middle school art so you can easily assess my talent. Draw! serves to celebrate and inspire kids to draw their dreams in their sketch books. It's a wonderful wordless book that entertained my kindergarten friends who gave it a big thumbs-up. The illustrations are gorgeous. I enjoyed the different glances of the protective elephant telling their own story. This book would encourage young artists to create their own wordless story. It's harder than you might think to create one of these, but a worthwhile effort nonetheless. Find Draw! and add it to your wordless collection.

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  1. I love how you've described this book, but I find I am terrible at sharing wordless books with kids. I don't know what to do or say! Thanks for sharing this review at Booknificent Thursday!


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