Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Blue on Blue

Blue on Blue
written by Dianne White; illustrated by Beth Krommes
2014 (Beach Lane Books)
Source: Orange County Public Library

Gray on gray. 
Dark and glooming.
Black on black.
Storm is looming. 

On a small island farm, a young girl jumps rope in the backyard while her mother hangs laundry on the clothesline. In the distance, the weather is beginning to grow stormy. As the storm rolls over the house, the girl dives under her blanket momentarily. Water races out of the gutter and into a rain barrel. The noise of the storm drives the baby to cry, the dog to howling, and the girl to cover her ears at the kitchen table. Let's face it: Thunderstorms are a bummer to everyone except Jim Cantore. Rain on rain on rain. Finally, the winds shift and the rain ceases. Smiles return to the faces as the family goes outside to see a wet but sunny world. The pigs wander out to their mud and roll happily. This inspires the young girl to jump in a mud puddle and do a mud angel. Fortunately this is not followed by a laundry detergent commercial but instead a nighttime bath to top off the day.

Blue on Blue is a pleasing rhyming book that is paired with the wonderful scratchboard illustrations of Beth Krommes. This will be a fun shared reading experience with a preschool or kindergarten class. Students will want to share their own experiences with thunderstorms. You could also use this book to work on timelines with older readers who are struggling readers. They can place the events of the story in order and then create their own timeline of a day in their life. Blue on Blue would also be a good addition to your weather unit.

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