Monday, January 19, 2015

Ten Rules of Being a Superhero

Ten Rules of Being a Superhero
written and illustrated by Deb Pilutti
2014 (Christy Ottaviano Books)
Source: Orange County Public Library

Rule Number 6: A superhero needs a tasty snack to be in TOP FORM.

Captain Magma and Lava Boy know that being a superhero means following rules. You have to respond to calls for help even if you're outnumbered. Another rule is superheroes have at least one superpower. Captain Magma has three. He's super strong, has lava vision and he's friendly. What he really wants is the ability to fly. (I wonder in the superhero world if there is a tinge of jealousy towards the caped crusaders that can soar in the air. I know I would be jealous. Call it the Buzz Lightyear Syndrome or BLS.) Another important rule for superheroes is that they make a lot of noise. Do you know a silent superhero? Ever hear of  Stealthy Man? Me neither. Unfortunately, making a lot of noise is not always understood by moms and baby brothers trying to sleep. Sometimes the work of a superhero is under appreciated. Perhaps the primary rule for being a superhero is to have a sidekick. Captain Magma is a powerful superhero, but often he needs the helping hand of Lava Boy. Always have a buddy.

Ten Rules of Being a Superhero is a funny picture book that could be the mentor text for a great writing assignment. I had a reading group create their own list for being a superhero but I didn't extend the activity far enough. You can ask students to create a ten rule list for just about anything. If you're practicing improving sentence structure, this would be a fun way to do that.

I also try (probably too much) to praise picture books that show characters using their imagination. I worry (in an old guy get off my lawn way) about kids not using their imaginations with all of the computer toys available today. Ten Rules reminds young readers that you don't always need to be plugged in to have fun.

Now all I have to do is find that tasty snack. I think Stealthy Man took it.


  1. Hi Jeff. I found you on Booknificent Thursday. Congrats that you will have your own book released soon. I liked this post because the title hooked me. Additionally, I like the way you used the book to connect to a writing lesson. I also like the fact that it funny. Children love humor. :)

    1. I am from
      Pamela Hall- Literate For Life

    2. Thanks, Pamela! I appreciate you stopping by.

  2. This book looks like so much fun! My kids and I often discuss what superpower we would pick if we could have only one, and I can see how this book would make a nice extension to that discussion as we could then discuss the rules that would come with that power. Oh, and your "in an old guy get off my lawn way" made me laugh out loud! Thanks so much for sharing at Booknificent Thursday!


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