Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Pig and Small

Pig and Small
written and illustrated by Alex Latimer
2013 (Peachtree)
Source: Orange County Public Library

One morning Pig noticed a squeaking sound coming from his nose. It continued to squeak throughout the day. Being a bright pig, he got a medical book and looked up Squeaky Nose Syndrome. With no mention of SNS, he squinted and looked down his snout. On the tip of his nose was a tiny squeaking bug. It was a friendly bug, so Pig tried to be accommodating. Riding a tandem bike was not much fun because Pig did all of the pedaling. Bug showed his appreciation for Pig's pedaling by baking a wee cake that Pig swallowed easily and without noticing the fine decorations by Bug. Pig and Bug wanted desperately to be friends, but their differences kept getting in the way. It wasn't until a fortuitous wind blew a newspaper into Pig's snout that these creatures great and small found a way to ignite their friendship despite the chasm of size.

Being a good friend is high on the issue list of elementary school students. Like adults, students tend to cloister together in like-minded groups. Books like Pig and Small can help students understand that they can be friends with anyone. Ideas like Mix It Up at Lunch Day can help in this endeavor as well.

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