Saturday, September 6, 2014

Hank Has a Dream

Hank Has a Dream
written and illustrated by Rebecca Dudley
2014 (Peter Pauper Press)
Source: Review copy provided by the publisher

On the back flap of this book, it states that Rebecca Dudley is a builder, creator, photographer, architect and artist. I wouldn't be surprised if she climbs mountains and makes a mean lasagna or can do anything else in this world. When you look at the artwork for Hank Has a Dream, you're just amazed at all of Dudley's handiwork. She made everything in the illustrations. Check out the dirigible in the picture below.

Look at the hummingbird in the nest above. The visuals are terrific, but don't overlook a sweet story where Hank recalls his dream for his hummingbird friend. In the dream, Hank is flying over different settings. He finds a path and follows it to the sea. Later, in his dirigible, Hank flies through the clouds and gently floats back down to earth. The final page of the story is a lesson in friendship and how to include others.

Hank Has a Dream would be a great text to promote imagination and spur young writers and illustrators to share their dreams. Teachers can use this book to teach sequence and talk about being a friend. It would be fun to have students read this book and then write about their dreams. Hank Has a Dream is amazing visually, but with a story that teaches a sweet lesson on friendship.

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