Monday, September 8, 2014

Bob is a Unicorn

Bob is a Unicorn
written and illustrated by Michelle Nelson-Schmidt
2014 (Kane Miller)
Source: Review copy provided by the publisher

Bob's friends think he is having an identity crisis. Bob thinks he is a unicorn. Bob's friends think differently. Marvin, a moose, can't tell that he is a unicorn. Ted, a polar bear, doesn't realize what is on Bob's head. Margo the rabbit thinks Bob is just being silly. Other animals in the neighborhood are either too busy, too old, or too important to play with Bob or realize that he really is a unicorn. It's not until Bob meets a like-minded fairy princess that he finds someone who thinks he is a unicorn.

Bob is a Unicorn is a story that runs strictly on a dialogue between Bob and his friends. Bob's parts are in a white font and his friends' in a black font. This is very different than the standard format of a picture book. This was a bit of a challenge for the kindergarten class that I share these books with, but their teacher was pleased about having something different and wants to read it again. I like books that show us something we haven't seen before or very often. Bob is a Unicorn is a great book to share with preschool or kindergarten students when you want to talk about using your imagination or being yourself. It's easy to follow the standard paths, but much more difficult to do what Bob does which is to stick to your dreams even though others want to "tut-tut" you along the way. Take a break from convention and imagine yourself as a unicorn or whatever floats your boat. Bob the Unicorn would approve.

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