Sunday, August 31, 2014

Busy Trucks on the Go

Busy Trucks on the Go
written by Eric Ode; illustrated by Kent Culotta
2014 (Kane Miller)
Source: Review copy provided by the publisher

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Concrete mixer roars and rumbles. See his drum? It turns and tumbles. Soon he opens up his spout. All the concrete rushes out.

Young kids like books about vehicles that are larger than cars. They also like fun rhyming books. Put the two together and you will have an enjoyable read aloud book for preschool and kindergarten classrooms. Busy Trucks on the Go follows a dad and his son as they observe the large vehicles in and around their city. Each two page spread shows one or more vehicles performing a task. Eric Ode, with his text, and Kent Culotta, with a friendly mixture of primary and pastel colors, take great care to show readers the job each vehicle is designed to do. You could draw a mini-circle map for each mode of transportation and write down what they are doing. This is much more appealing to beginning readers than the traditional informational text that would show photographs accompanied by a brief piece of text. Another neat trick that Culotta employs is using the background to give clues about the seasonal setting. You could show these spreads to students and ask them which season is the setting. Busy Trucks on the Go would also be good for shared reading as students anticipate the rhymes.

If I was working with a preschool or kindergarten class, I would make a list of some of the vehicles in the book and create an anticipation chart for use before reading. I would ask what they knew beforehand, and maybe build a little background knowledge before reading. After reading, students could draw and write about their favorite mode of transportation. Many preK and kindergarten classes employ a transportation unit, so finding a copy of Busy Trucks on the Go would fit nicely into those lesson plans.

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