Monday, June 30, 2014

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

This Past Week

A Rock For Ambrose was written by my high school English teacher, Loyd Hoke, Jr. It is a historical novella based on the life of his great-great grandfather Ambrose Hoke who was a Confederate soldier. Loyd used historical documents, including family letters, and combed state archives to reconstruct what happened to his ancestor. It's a heartbreaking tale that provides great insight into the life of a low level Civil War soldier. I'm so proud of Mr. Hoke!

Light Is All Around Us explains how we get light and how we can see it. There are several pieces of information in this book that were new to me. Did you know that the light from the sun measures 35 octillion lumens? That's 35 followed by 27 zeroes. The narrative is great for a K-2 nonfiction read-aloud. There are also three easy experiments in the back matter.

Kelsey Green is a third grader who is obsessed with being the top reader in her class during the school-wide reading contest. I like Kelsey because she is flawed. She is given to an occasional tantrum and doesn't always make the best choices. In other words, she's human. The book also raises some good questions about competitive reading events.

This Week


  1. Read Annika Rixz but now have to find Kelsey Green. Competitive reading... have to admit that even though I am not usually competitive, I do get a little obsessed with anything that remotely looks like a competition, so I should definitely take a look at this, even if it reveals painful truths!

  2. I enjoyed Kelsey Green. I still remember having my books confiscated in elementary and middle school when I was reading them during math time! I thought Claudia Mills did a good job of making Kelsey sympathetic yet flawed. Just bought Annika Riz so I'll also be reading it soon.

  3. Kelsey Green looks like a fun read. The Stream looks like another fascinating book on baseball - quite a lot recently, I thought. :)


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