Friday, April 25, 2014


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We're working on creating a poetry booklet in my second grade classroom and next week we may tackle cinquains. I did a little research (or what passes for research in the 21st century) and found information from Kenn Nesbitt and Wikipedia.

The inventor of the modern version of the cinquain was Adelaide Crapsey (see picture on the left). I could make jokes about her last name but that's too easy and sophomoric. Let's take the high road! Adelaide's poetry was similar to the Japanese haikus and tankas. Her cinquain consisted of five lines with a syllable pattern of 2-4-6-8-2. That's the pattern that I chose to follow below with an cinquain in honor of my dog Pumpkin:

Sleeping Dog
From what, you ask?
Watching for enemies
UPS man is not my friend
On guard

Here is a picture of Pumpkin as she waits to hear the sound of the menacing brown truck which will unleash her ferocious barking. 


  1. Pumpkin looks so sweet -- you'd never know she could become ferocious at any moment!
    I like Adelaide Crapsey's poems...I admit to having listed her as "Adelaide C." at times to avoid last name issues.

    1. Thank you, Tabatha. I agree about Adelaide C. It's a shame that her name gets in the way of her work.

  2. I love "menacing brown truck"! I think it deserves to be in the poem so the reader has to infer UPS!!

    Good luck writing these with your second graders. Maybe next week you'll share a few?

    1. I will try to do that. Thank you for stopping by. It's been hard to keep up the blog with all the responsibilities of a classroom teacher.

  3. Pumpkin looks adorable! Love knowing more about cinquains! :)


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