Monday, March 3, 2014


written and illustrated by Tania Sohn
2014 (Kane Miller)
Source: Review copy provided by the publisher

In this cute new import from South Korea, a preschool girl and her cat explore all of the socks in her collection and how they stir her imagination. Socks with stripes bring out a witch's hat and a broom. Ankle high green socks bring about a hop through the dandelions. Knee length yellow socks are worn by her soccer team. My daughter's team liked to wear socks of different colors with polka dots. The girl places a baby sock on her big toe and tries on her daddy's way-to-big socks. This reminds me of watching my daughters as they grow and the cool shoes they have worn over the years. Do you remember Jellies? Christmas socks hung underneath the window bring about anticipation of a visit from you-know-who. And who hasn't wanted to tie a blanket around their neck and pretend they were a super hero while wearing socks with a capital S inside a pentagon?

Socks! celebrates an everyday item and how it can unleash our imagination. As an adult, I don't think much about socks other than making sure I have a matching pair that go with my clothes. But for kids, socks are pretty important. They use them to try to build an identity for themselves and work out their individuality. My oldest daughter is named for a student who wore mismatched socks because she had tremendous confidence in herself. I also appreciate books that encourage children to use their imagination. If you are looking for a classroom use for Socks!, think about collecting data about the socks in your classroom and turning that data into a graph.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

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