Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Telling Time to the Nearest Hour Game

Here is a new game that I invented today. If someone else has already invented this, my apologies to you and email me so I can give you credit. I call this game "The Nearest Hour". Sounds ominous, but it's actually pretty tame. Here are the rules and materials needed:

Materials Needed
One clock face
A piece of paper and a pencil
Two dice or number cubes
Two or more players eager to have understated fun

1. Each player will write down the numbers 1-12 on a piece of paper. 
2. Players will show each other 1 o'clock on their clock face and mark out the number 1 on their paper. This is done at the beginning since you can't roll a 1 with two dice.
3. Players take turns rolling two number cubes. The player will add the sum of the two dice and show the corresponding time on their clock face. Then, the player will mark that number off their list. 
4. The player who marks all of their numbers off their list first will win the game. 
Alternative rule: Players will mark numbers off one list and the player who marks off the last number wins the game. 


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