Friday, July 26, 2013

Poetry Friday: Horizon

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I took this photograph at Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park in California. The park is about 37 miles south of Carmel and 12 miles south of Big Sur. This is a place with spectacular views. The picture above (and my review of Water Sings Blue below) inspired this week's attempt at writing poetry. 


Stretching left and right,

everything stops at you.

What lies beyond your barrier,

of distant ocean blue? 

Waves come crashing forward,

like soldiers at your command.

Why do you push us away,

and not offer us a hand? 

You’re a source of mystery,

a puzzle to contemplate.

The place where sky and sea meet,

as together we'll rotate. 

© Jeff Barger 2013


  1. It seems you are talking to a number of things/people here, and I like that you jumped off from this gorgeous picture. I've seen the Pacific look like that in all those western states-makes you want to drink it in and never stop! I like too, "everything stops at you".

  2. I like that contemplate/rotate rhyme. Very skillful. The ending was a surprise for me. I like where this poem takes me. Thank you.

  3. I've written about the horizon, too -- the one between sky and prairie in dry, flat, Eastern Colorado. It's always just...there...out of reach.

    Gorgeous photo.

  4. Beautiful poem (and photo) Jeff! I especially like how it ebbs and flows with the waves--well done! = )


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