Tuesday, March 5, 2013

This is Not My Hat: Kindergarten Thoughts

One of the joys of my job is sharing books with different classes. There is a kindergarten class that I share with often. After they read This Is Not My Hat, the class drew pictures and wrote about what they think happened at the end of the story. I have posted two samples of their work below. The open ending of the book provides a great opportunity for a writing piece.

"The little fish swam away before the big fish caught and ate him and the little fish swam so fast that he left the hat behind."

Love the picture and the writing. The invented spelling tells you a lot about this child as a writer and a reader. This is terrific stuff.

"The big fish went into the plants and... The big fish found the little fish and... ate him all up! And got his hat back!"

How about those ellipses? Their teacher does a great job of not limiting them because of their age. She's fearless and they go right with her. Kindergarten students love to play with language if you let them.

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