Monday, November 12, 2012

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

Last Week
I just finished Parent Conference week which is always crazy, so I didn't have a ton of time to read and review last week. In the classroom, we celebrated Election Day and Veteran's Day so there were two books that stood out:

 I Can Be President, Too! was a great book to use to talk about the traits we would like to see in our president and in ourselves as well. 

The Wall by Eve Bunting is a powerful text to read for Veteran's Day or Memorial Day or any other day for that matter. It helps students focus on the sacrifices made by so many soldiers and their families. This led to a nice writing activity that thanked veterans for their service. 

This Week

Speaking of powerful books, Henry Cole's new wordless book, Unspoken, fulfills that adjective quite nicely. A young girl on a southern farm sees a runaway slave hiding in her family's barn. Set during the Civil War, this girl must decide whether she is going to help the slave or turn him in. Travis at 100 Scope Notes and Brenda at Prose and Kahn have reviews. We are working on asking questions in Reader's Workshop this week so Unspoken will definitely be shared in class. 

Jack and Annie will be making an appearance as Thanksgiving quickly approaches. We're teaching a unit in Social Studies about Thanksgiving that highlights three different eras: 1) The Pilgrims, 2) Sarah Josepha Hale's campaign to make it a holiday, and 3) How we celebrate Thanksgiving today. This gives me a chance to share Mike Allegra's wonderful Sarah Gives Thanks with my class. 


  1. The cover alone of Unspoken makes me want to read it. Off to see if it's anywhere in the library system!


  2. Hi there Jeff. I think I've seen The Wall by Eve Bunting around - but I might have missed borrowing that from our library. Your review makes me want to pick it up again. Unspoken also sounds like a very very powerful book. Will try to find it.

  3. We read The Wall in class today, such a powerful book!

  4. The Wall is sweet, might be good to use with a class especially if some have relatives serving in Iraq or Afghanistan now. Unspoken looks wonderful. You didn't read a lot, but the books are great. Nice to see the president book, too.

  5. I saw Unspoken at the bookstore - and the cover looked intriguing. I'll have to check it out.


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