Sunday, November 4, 2012

I Can Be President, Too!

I Can Be President, Too!
written by Yanitzia Canetti
2009 (Scholastic Books)
Source: Purchased copy

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This past week we created a circle graph in my class during social studies. I asked students what qualities they wanted to see in a president.  I was pleasantly surprised by their answers. They spoke about honesty, being able to work hard, being responsible, and getting along with others. I was quite proud. Another group of children who will make us proud are the 14 students featured in I Can Be President, Too!.

Each two page spread focuses on one student who expresses why they can be president. The child mentions one character trait and examples of how they exemplify that trait. Here is an example:

I listen to what my teacher says. I don't interrupt my friends. I always wait my turn. Vote for me. I AM RESPECTFUL. 

I like the diversity in the children's ages and ethnicity. The ages of the narrators range from 5-11 years of age. This is an inclusive book and will appeal to students. It also raises a question that we who will vote in the presidential election should consider as well. Do you vote for someone based on what they say they will do or on who they are as a person? What would President Obama or Governor Romney state if they were given two pages in this book?

I'm already thinking about creating a booklet with my class for Writer's Workshop. You can teach using a topic sentence and supporting details in a persuasive piece.

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  1. I bet this is an interesting take on the presidental election - probably more honest anyway. Thanks fo bringing it to our attention.