Sunday, October 28, 2012

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

Last Week
One of the best picture books that I have read this year. Kate Hosford has created a wonderful story about a little girl who looks at the stars and wonders about something that can go last forever. Gabi Swiatkowska's illustrations are equally brilliant as well. 

My second graders love Freddie Ramos. I think some of them may be dressing like him on our Book Character Day this Wednesday. I have read the first two books in the series to my class and they are itching for the next book. My students easily relate to Freddie and the triumphs and challenges in his life. This is a terrific series for late first grade/second grade readers. 

This Week
We're beginning a unit on elections this week and this new title will be a big help. The narrator and her classmates are excited about the upcoming election. Several children take turns mixing history and their personal connections to voting to help illuminate readers as to why this is such an important day. 


  1. Aww, the title alone "Infinity and Me" has captured my heart. We are also fans of Gabi Swiatkowska's artwork - I hope I find this in our libraries. Thanks Jeff for highlighting this one. :)

  2. Another vote for Infinity and Me - the author and illustrator are unfamiliar to me, so this is a must read.

  3. Today is Election day looks like a perfect connection to current events! I have to say Infinity and Me looks like a winner to me too. Just the cover alone has captured my imagination!

  4. Thank you everyone for visiting today! Infinity and Me is definitely a winner.

  5. Wow Jeff, thanks for stopping by my blog because I don't think I've ever checked yours out and I learned so much.

    #1 How could I not check out a book that you said is the best picture book you've read this year?

    #2 I don't know about Freddie Ramos, but I always want to learn more about great boy characters for first and second graders.


  6. Oh, how cool! Infinity and Me looks brilliant! I'm always looking for good ties into math.

  7. Well... math and science (trying to comment too quickly!)