Thursday, September 20, 2012

Poetry Friday: I'm Done

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Normally, I would have a book review, but tonight all I can muster is this weak attempt at poetry. Is there a standard for the poetry that appears on Poetry Friday? If there is, I'm sure I have gone below it. Nonetheless, my original poem lies beneath.

A Tired Teacher Types No More This Evening
I’m out of gas.
My tank is empty.
Meetings and paperwork
Have left a shell of me.
How to refuel?
How to replenish?
Walk away from the computer
And this day will finish.

Copyright 2012. Written by Jeff Barger. 


  1. Hope you find a way to refuel!

  2. Hi Jeff, you do sound tired. :( School does that, sometimes, doesn't it? All the planning, detailed preparations, and the endless talking to a handful of inquisitive minds and a greater number of yawning/disinterested faces. :) You'd get your 'groove' back, I just know it. :)

  3. Hope you got some relaxing in this weekend, Jeff! I only taught for two years and that was ten years ago, but you know...I'm STILL tired from it, haha! Hardest job on earth.

  4. Well, folks connect to honesty! Wishing you some R & R and a little inspiration this weekend. My hat's always off to teachers.

  5. Hang in there, Jeff! My daily poetry notebook is filled with poems way beneath any standard! I like yours--hope you find time to read a good book this weekend just for pleasure. That's sure to refuel your tank! Thanks for the hard work you do as a teacher. I only taught (8th grade English) for two years, but I remember well the exhaustion!

  6. Thank you, everyone! I appreciate all of your kind thoughts and will try to be less dramatic in the future.


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