Sunday, September 30, 2012

Miss Fox's Class Gets It Wrong

Miss Fox's Class Gets It Wrong
written by Eileen Spinelli; illustrated by Anne Kennedy
2012 (Albert Whitman)
Source: Review copy provided by the publisher

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This week I am reading the latest Miss Fox book. I love the lessons and warmth of these books. They are perfect for a preschool or K-2 class. In this book, Miss Fox's students are very worried. It seems they have been seeing Miss Fox in the presence of Officer Blue Fox quite often. From afar, the class sees her talking to the officer while she is on her bike. Maybe she has broken a safety rule. Frog sees her go into the police station with Officer Blue Fox one Saturday. Has she been arrested? She's also seen with him at the park and in the grocery store. There are too many coincidences for the class to swallow. On Monday morning, a travel brochure with the words "Your Hawaiian Getaway" appears on her desk. Soon, Miss Fox approaches the class with Officer Blue Fox right behind her. This can only mean one thing, Miss Fox is going to jail! Before they can crank up the Bobby Fuller Four classic song, Miss Fox explains everything and a valuable lesson is learned.

One of the issues that you deal with as a classroom teacher is children jumping to conclusions without enough evidence. Actually, that can be something you deal with on an adult level as well. This book would be an excellent discussion starter for avoiding such situations. If you are teaching the skill of drawing conclusions, Miss Fox's Class Gets It Wrong would also be a terrific text to introduce this lesson.