Monday, June 18, 2012

Destination Denmark!: Day Two

"What is done in research today is done in business tomorrow." - Christian Mathiessen

Monday morning began with a presentation at a conference center in Copenhagen. Professor Christian Mathiessen led a team that presented information about the Oresund bridge that links Denmark and Sweden and the Fehmarnbelt Tunnel Project that will link Denmark and Germany early in the next decade. The team taught us that these bridges and tunnels are not just about transportation, but more about regional development. In this global age, new alliances are being made to create economic powerhouses. It was interesting to see the data and think about the impact of these links on the citizens of the respective countries involved. How does this affect the children I teach? One of the skills we need to teach in this age is the ability to cooperate and work with different groups. These important projects embody the need to have this skill. Plus, I was able to sit in this cool egg chair that was in the lobby of the conference center. I love Danish design.

It was a beautiful morning in Copenhagen so we walked to our next destination instead of taking the train. The Soerne area of Copenhagen is also known as The Lakes where there are a row of 5 rectangular lakes that make for a terrific setting for running, riding a bicycle, or walking.We enjoyed our walk immensely.

Our next stop was a visit to the Ingrid Jespersen Gymnasieskole which is a K-12 school in Copenhagen. Professor Otto Moller and a team of educators were extremely gracious in hosting our group for the afternoon. We are learning that Denmark is a "dialogue country" and we had plenty of rich discussions with administrators, teachers, and students. In these talks, it was interesting to note the familiar triumphs and challenges that we experience as educators in North Carolina and also see how Danish educators approach the interactions between students and teachers. It was a wonderful visit that was punctuated by an opportunity to interact with students during their recess time in the courtyard. I especially enjoyed the slide. Thank you to the staff at Ingrid Jespersen Gymnasieskole for their hospitality!


  1. Thank you for sharing your adventure. Reading your blog I just added Denmark to my list of places to visit.

  2. It is a great place to visit. Thank you for stopping by!


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