Thursday, March 29, 2012

STEM Friday: From Flower to Honey

From Flower to Honey
written by Robin Nelson
2012 (Lerner Publishing)
Source: Orange County Public Library

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Look at the cover to the left. The colors of the photograph and the header are quite attractive. You can't help picking up this book. When you open it, you read a statement and a question, "Honey is a sweet treat. How is it made?". Now you are off on a series of steps that will culminate in a container full of honey. The journey begins with nectar inside a flower. The photograph of the flower is gorgeous. Bees come to the flower and suck up the nectar with their tongues. The bees head back to the hive where they will spit the nectar into a hole. When the nectar dries, you have honey. Beekeepers remove the honeycomb from the hive and place it in a machine that spins it. This squeezes the honey out. The honey is then placed into jars and sent away to be sold.

The text in From Flower to Honey is on a second grade level which makes it fairly simple to follow. A lesson on sequence could easily be developed from this text. There are also headings on each page of text which makes this a good resource for teaching main idea and nonfiction text features. I think a unit on bees would be a great idea. There are so many topics (pollination, animal communication, etc.) that are connected to them. The photographs and background colors also help to make From Flower to Honey a book that stands out.


  1. You're right, Jeff - that bright cover is sure to attract children to reading like bees to ... honey.

  2. Great comment! Wish I had thought of that line.