Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Teaching Transversal Lines

Image by School Genius

Transversal is not the name of a one hit wonder 80's band, but instead the name of the line that crosses two or more lines in the same plane. In teaching this concept to 5th graders, I have been given several helpful resources that are listed below. Other subjects that come into play include interior, exterior, vertical, and corresponding angles.

SmartBoard lesson: This is a really good lesson. Students are able to manipulate sections and get a good visual feel for interior, exterior, and vertical angles.

Khan Academy videos: Angles formed between transversals and parallel lines
                                       Angles of parallel lines 2
These videos by Salman Khan are great resources to reinforce your lessons. A couple of numbers in the second video are out of place, but this can easily be rectified. Khan has a great sense of humor and does well to simplify difficult subjects.

Math Worksheets 4 Kids has two good sets of problems that can be used for practice or homework:
Parallel Lines and Transversals #1
Parallel Lines and Transversals #2

If you have any other helpful resources, please list them in the comments section.

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