Thursday, October 6, 2011

STEM Friday: Why Do Puppies Do That? (iPad book)

Why Do Puppies Do That?
written by Seymour Simon
2011 (Seymour Science LLC)
Source: iTunes

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The king of science books, Seymour Simon, tackles perhaps his cutest challenge yet with Why Do Puppies Do That?. In two page sections with photographs of adorable puppies, Simon answers questions that young children might have about their furry friends. For example, one piece is titled Why don't puppies sit when they are told?. It is explained that puppies have to be trained with a command and a gentle push on the hindquarters. This e-book is a good match for a preschooler or a primary school student who wants to read or needs to use the audio option to have it read to them. Simon doesn't go "cutesy" with the text, but in a simple manner explains the behavior of these animals. He covers about every question that a child might ask, including explanations of scratching and wetting on the floor.

Accessing this on an iPad would be very easy for a preschooler to accomplish. Paw prints serve as the page turns and there is a menu at the bottom so you can go to any page. The photographs will engage beginning readers and prompt them to continue turning the pages. Why Do Puppies Do That? would be a good primer for a child that is about to receive a puppy. After reading this, you could ask children to list the positive and challenging parts of owning a puppy or talk about the character traits of a good dog owner. Why Do Puppies Do That? would also be an excellent resource for showing children how you don't need to start at the beginning of an informational text. You can show all the pages on the screen and just pick one section. This is an e-book that will be read several times by a young dog lover.


  1. Wow, this makes me wish I had an iPad. Thanks for sharing, Jeff.

  2. I love Seymour Simon's books ... but no iPad. Like hyper-linked blog posts, this looks like a great learning tool.

  3. I thought it was interesting that he has gone in this direction. I also feel a twinge of regret for reviewing something that may not be as accessible. Thank you for stopping by!


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