Thursday, October 27, 2011

STEM Friday: Journey Into The Deep (iPad book)

Journey Into The Deep
written by Rebecca L. Jefferson
2011 (Lerner Publishing)
$2.99 on iTunes

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In her foreword to Journey Into the Deep, oceanographer Sylvia Earle says "only 5 percent of the ocean has been seen so far, let alone explored."  It is this mystery that should excite readers as they marvel at the incredible photographs (in brilliant color on the iPad) and read about the Census of Marine Life that is the subject of this book. Author Rebecca L. Jefferson explains in her video prologue that reading an article and taking a trip in a submersible spurred her to create this in-depth look at the work of researchers participating in this study. The book is divided into chapters according to the part of the ocean that is being explored. In Open Water, scientists in the western Pacific Ocean are looking for zooplankton during the day. They are seeking to capture samples to place in lab aquariums for further study. After dinner, the crew launches a remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV) that travels over 1,000 feet down to search for creatures that give off their own light. The photographs are simply amazing. One of my favorites is a see-through sea cucumber on the ocean floor. Students will marvel at the pictures and the information they learn through reading this book.

Journey Into the Deep is perhaps a glimpse into the future of nonfiction books. The back matter comes alive with links in the bibliography and website sections. For nonfiction there is so much you can do with direct access to the Internet and the possibilities of adding video. I can see authors teaching a video lesson based on the content in their book and games that could be created as bonus features. It's an exciting world that awaits us.

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  1. Thanks for hosting today! Yes, this is the future of nonfiction books, and what a bright future it is! :D Anastasia

  2. Scott Huler's well-written look at how utilities enter and exit his house ON THE GRID is a great T in STEM - my recommendation & review at

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  3. I don't have an i-anything, but this looks like a fabulous way to engage kids in science. Like "hands-on" investigation. Thanks for the great review,
    Sue Heavenrich

  4. Jeff,

    Really enjoyed Journey Into the Deep, too. Great review!

    I reviewed a Cybils nominee today, Scorpions by Sandra Markle at

    Thanks for hosting during your busy week.

  5. Thank you for hosting, Jeff. I love the book you reviewed. The photographs are amazing! I added the link to my blog to Mr. Linky, but, where are they posted? Thank you! Ana Maria

  6. Oh, there was a Mr. Linky? I didn't see it. I have that problem sometimes when I use Firefox as my browser. I'll try Safari...

  7. I'm so sorry everybody! I was wrapped up in teaching today (last school day before Halloween and last day of the quarter) and have not had time to check in on the blog. I really apologize for this.


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