Friday, August 26, 2011

STEM Friday: It's Snowing!

It's Snowing
written and illustrated by Gail Gibbons
2011 (Holiday House)
Source: Orange County Public Library

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If you teach kindergarten or first grade and teach a unit on snow, you should check out It's Snowing. Gail Gibbons gives a comprehensive look at snowfall that could be used in several different ways in a primary classroom. A beginning section that explains evaporation would fit nicely in a lesson on the water cycle. I would combine this with a later section called Snow Falls to the Ground in Many Different Ways to reinforce the teaching on the water cycle. Following this are several pages dealing with the formation and uniqueness of snowflakes. Google snowflake craft and you will find many ideas that could accompany this part of the text. A geography lesson could be taught using the section titled Snow Falls On All Seven Continents. If you have access to Google Earth, you could visit these sites and share photographs with your class. Gibbons also includes information on staying safe in snowstorms, how snow benefits plants and animals, and a fun experiment using black paper and snowflakes. It's Snowing is a handy book to have when you get into winter and want to teach seasonal lessons. Or you could read it while trying to cool off from the summer heat!


  1. Thanks for participating in STEM Friday today!
    :-) Anastasia

  2. Gail Gibbons is the best! I like your idea for tying it with the water cycle.