Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Stack the Countries - iPad/iTouch game

Stack the Countries
developed by Dan Russell-Pinson
2011 (iPod/iPad app)

I downloaded Stack the Countries and our family has had a blast playing it. When you answer a geography question, you get the opportunity to drop the shape of a country on a platform. The object of the game is to answer questions so you can stack countries high enough to cross a checkered line. There's a little bit of geometry involved as you have think about how you stack the countries. If you stack poorly, your countries will roll off the platform. I know this from experience. Once you have stacked enough countries to cross the line, you will earn a country. Earn enough countries and you will unlock two more games (Map It! and Pile Up!) to play. This app is a lively way to improve your geographic knowledge.

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Teachers with Apps (Good review and they have tested it with a class of students.)


  1. so glad you're back to reviewing, Jeff. I've missed your reviews!

    Can you recommend a good app for learning US geography, especially states and capitals?

  2. Thanks Mary Ann! I would recommend Stack the States for US geography.


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