Saturday, July 23, 2011

New Link: Engaging Science Games Online

Engaging Science is a professional development program for British Columbia teachers. As part of this program, they have developed online science games for students to play. These are pretty cool games to play and good practice for learning how scientists have to test and retest their ideas in order to learn. I have included a permanent link on the right side. Listed below is the website write-up of the games available to play:

Earth and Space Science: Uncover what causes the phases
of the Moon in It's Just a Phase and learn about geological processes in This is your Life.

Physical Science: Make a Note
by experimenting with sound and explore the conductivity of everyday objects in Current Affairs.

Life Science: Explore Wild Wetlands and uncover the importance of conserving
wetlands and explore how body shape relates to how fish feed in What a Mouthful.

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