Wednesday, July 20, 2011


written and illustrated by Jeannie Baker
2010 (Candlewick Press)
Source: Mebane Public Library

Two young boys wake up in their respective homes and prepare for a day of shopping with their fathers. One boy lives in Sydney, Australia and the second boy lives in Morocco. In this uniquely constructed wordless book, we see the Australian family in a bound section on the left side of the book and the Moroccan family in a separate bound section on the right side. You read the collage illustrations in each book at the same time, reading the Australian book left to right while reading the Moroccan book right to left. The foreword and author's notes are written in English in the left book and Arabic in the right book. Author Jeannie Baker's purpose in writing this book is to show us that we are more like each other in this world than we might think:
     Like each other, we live to be loved by family and friends and to be part of a larger family, a      
     community. Inwardly we are so alike, it could be each other we see when we look in a mirror. 

To state the obvious (and I can be Captain Obvious!), Mirror is an excellent opportunity to teach a lesson in comparing and contrasting.  Students also should be prompted to find specific connections between the two stories. Because of the unique construction of this book, you will need a helper if you use Mirror as a read aloud. This book could also be a great resource for teaching students how to use graphic organizers like Venn diagrams or double bubble maps.

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