Friday, July 8, 2011

iPod/iPad app: Presidents vs. Aliens

Presidents vs. Aliens
Developed by Dan Russell-Pinson
2011 (iPod/iPad app)

First of all, perhaps my favorite app title of all time. If you answer a question about the presidents correctly, you get to fling that president's head (a la Angry Birds) to knock out a formation of aliens. Winning fifteen rounds of this game will unlock another game called Heads of States where you have to tap the head of the president whose name appears on the screen. If you miss three times, you lose. I won the game, but guessing among 19th century presidents like James K. Polk and William Henry Harrison can be difficult. A third game called Executive Order is also available, but I haven't reached that level yet. This is a game that combines history and gaming for a lot of fun.

Developer Dan Russell-Pinson also created NC Teacher Stuff favorite Stack the States and sequel called Stack the Countries which I need to check out.

(Since first posting, I have unlocked Executive Order which asks you to connect presidents in chronological order. All you have to go by is the face of each president. Very challenging.)

Thanks to Moms with Apps for the link to this game.

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