Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Will It Be a Baby Brother?

Will It Be a Baby Brother?
written by Eve Bunting; illustrated by Beth Spiegel
(Boyds Mill Press) 2010
Source: Mebane Public Library

Edward can't wait to meet his baby brother. At least he thinks it's going to be a brother. He doesn't understand why all of his mother's baby shower gifts come in white, green, or yellow. Edward's mother assures him that he will love the baby whether it is a girl or a boy, but he's not so sure. If the baby is Sara and not James, he plans to give it to his Aunt Elizabeth. To increase the odds of receiving a baby brother, Edward places a yellow dump truck, a wooden train, and other assorted "boy" stuff in the new crib. Will he still love the baby, as his mother says, if it is a Sara?

Will It Be a Baby Brother? would be an excellent read aloud for teaching prediction. I plan on reading this with my kindergarten class and asking them to use text clues to see if they can predict whether the baby will be a boy or a girl. I feel certain they will make several connections and we can ask a before reading question about whether students would like to have a baby brother or a sister. I like that Edward is not overly sweet and accepting when it comes to the question of having a baby sister. In other words, he acts like I would expect a boy to act. If you teach a unit on families, Will It Be a Baby Brother? would be a welcome addition.

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