Monday, January 31, 2011

Nonfiction Monday: Animal Eggs - An Amazing Clutch of Mysteries and Marvels!

Animal Eggs: An Amazing Clutch of Mysteries and Marvels!
written by Dawn Cusick and Joanne O'Sullivan
(EarlyLight Books) 2011
Source: Review copy provided by the publisher

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Animal Eggs is a nonfiction treat divided into several sections, each containing cool facts about a particular aspect of animal eggs. Also included are jaw dropping photographs that keep your eyes glued to the page until someone walks by and you shove the book in their face to show them the amazing pictures. One of my favorite sections is titled Egg Colors, where you see a photograph of a female brown butterfly laying round yellow eggs on a leaf. If you remember Candy Buttons, you can imagine what these eggs look like. Stink bugs lay pink eggs that look like grapefruit Tic-Tacs. Egg Guarders is a section where you see a spider using six of her eight legs to wrap around her egg sac. The part of the book that might generate the most discussion is Gross or Cool? where you get an "inside look" at python eggs and see how a male jawfish keeps eggs in his mouth for more than a week.

If you teach life cycles, Animal Eggs would be a superb book to help students visualize this beginning stage of animal life. Engaging nonfiction like this also leads to a ton of questions (why are eggs different shapes?), so you can work on asking questions as well. Animal Eggs could also be used to teach nonfiction text features such as captions. For me, it's hard to beat a book of mind blowing facts and shriek inducing photographs. This book is the latest in a captivating line (Bug Butts, Animal Colors) of animal books published by EarlyLight Books.


  1. This sounds like a wonderful book, and you have such good ideas for how to use it.

    I love the vibrant language you use to describe it.

  2. Thank you, Roberta! The vibrant colors in this book inspired me.

  3. Can't wait to get this one. As you say, books like these lead to question after question. My kids adore Bug Butts - isn't it amazing how kids revel in such stuff? Have you read Animal Tongues by the same publisher? The photos will blow you away.

  4. I need to go to my local library to find Animal Tongues. It has a great cover. Thanks for the tip and for visiting, Sophia!


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