Saturday, January 15, 2011

iPod Touch apps: Tanzen

(Little White Bear Studios)
Price: $ 0.99

Tangrams are seven flat pieces called tans that can be manipulated to create different shapes. When I was a third grade teacher, I enjoyed using tangrams with my students to work on developing spatial sense. The one part of it I didn't enjoy was having to find loose pieces that had fallen under chairs and desks. Eventually I would have bags with five or six pieces which made it impossible to complete a pattern. I was delighted to find Tanzen which is an app that allows students to use tans to fill in shadowed areas. There are 468 shadowed areas to choose from. You simply touch a tan and a circle surrounds the tan. Touching the circle allows you to manipulate the tan to whatever angle you need. If you successfully place the seven tans within the shadowed area, you will see the area in light green which means you have completed that task. I'm anxious to try this with kindergarten students to see if they are up to the task. I know students in second grade and beyond would really enjoy this and the price is very reasonable. There is a Tanzen Lite if you want to try that first.

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