Thursday, January 13, 2011

iPod Touch app: Andrew Answers

Andrew Answers
written by Alan Katz; told by Marc Summers
(Ruckus Media Group) 2010
Source: App provided by the publisher
Price: $2.99

Andrew is having trouble communicating with the adults in his life. His teacher, Mrs. Wilson, asks him to tell the class a word that starts with the letter N. Andrew says, "No." His teacher, not happy with this response, asks him to say another word and he replies, "Never." An exasperated Mrs. Wilson threatens a trip to the principal's office if he is unable to say a word that begins with N. Andrew innocently answers, "Nonsense." Thus begins Andrew's hilarious journey through a chain of increasingly important adults who try to get him to give the answer they want. This trip ends with a visit to the most powerful person on the planet, who is the one adult who seems to understand.

Andrew Answers is a fun app with a clever story and colorful animation. The two kids who helped me preview this app really enjoyed the story. They said it was funny and interesting. Author Alan Katz knows how to write humor for kids. An added bonus are two games in the middle of the story where players are asked to guide characters to a destination. Traditionalists may not agree, but I like the idea of a game in the middle of the story. I think it helps hook children who may be reluctant readers. (Postscript: The game hooks good readers as well. My daughter has revisited this app several times.) The one flaw that I see with Andrew Answers is the lack of a read aloud option. As a teacher, I want students to revisit the story app and be able to read it themselves at their own pace.

Andrew Answers could be used to teach vocabulary or a lesson on drawing inferences. The author never specifically explains why the adults are unhappy with Andrew, so readers have to infer.

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