Thursday, December 30, 2010

Let's Count Goats!

Let's Count Goats!
written by Mem Fox; illustrated by Jan Thomas
(Beach Lane Books) 2010
Source: Mebane Public Library

If I'm going to read a book a million times to a child, I want it to be funny and with predictable rhymes so the child can soon join me in the reading. Let's Count Goats! fits my criteria on both counts and will prove to be an enjoyable read to a preschool child. Author Mem Fox knows her stuff when it comes to early literacy and so has crafted a book that is both fun and full of learning opportunities. In the book, the pattern is a humorous statement followed by an equally humorous question involving counting:
"Here we see an airport goat looking for her cases. But can we count the Pilot goats with goggles on their faces?"
The goat looking for her cases is happily munching on a blue suitcase while on the next page we see two goats flying planes while one is munching on a tail wing. Jan Thomas's illustrations are an equal partner in providing mirth for the reader as they work on learning how to count. As Mem Fox explains in the video linked below, Let's Count Goats! provides an interactive experience between reader and text that is invaluable.

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