Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hugless Douglas

Hugless Douglas
written and illustrated by David Melling
(Tiger Tales Books) 2010
Source: Orange County Public Library

Douglas the bear has woken up from hibernation and what he needs more than anything else is a hug. First, he hugs a huge boulder which is a bit too heavy. Hugging a tree gives him too many splinters. His attempts at hugging various woodland and farm creatures doesn't exactly endear him to the rest of the animal kingdom. Fortunately, a kindly rabbit takes him by the paw and leads him toward the hug that he needs.

Hugless Douglas is a sweet and funny story that our kindergarten students loved. It would fit in nicely with a hibernation unit or if you are trying to teach the skill of identifying the problem and/or solution in a fictional story. David Melling's illustrations are hilarious and I like the idea of this book leading to a discussion of how all of us, even big ol' bears, need to know that we are cared for and loved. You could also create a graphic organizer (maybe a T chart) and list things you should hug and not hug.

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