Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Good Night Little Monster

Goodnight, Little Monster
written by Helen Ketteman; illustrated by Bonnie Leick
(Marshall Cavendish Children) 2010
Source: Mebane Public Library

Little Monster is getting ready for bed. He goes out on the porch to howl at the moon. His plump, pointy tail is scrubbed and his ears are checked for bugs. Mama Monster makes sure that she tangles his hair and makes a bedtime snack of worm juice and baked beetle bread. Little Monster has one particular fear as he gets ready to go to sleep, but Mama assures him that there are no children under the bed. After turning on his monster eyeball night light on, he snuggles with his stuffed slug and falls fast asleep.

Preschool and kindergarten age students will enjoy this bedtime story told from Mama Monster's point of view. The rhyming text and humorous illustrations will keep young readers engaged. I think illustrator Bonnie Leick should market the night light she created for this book. I would buy one. Goodnight, Little Monster would be a good book to share to teach the use of end marks (periods, question marks, exclamation points) as there are a wide variety in this book. You could also have students compare their night time routine with Little Monster's and find similarities and differences with a graphic organizer.

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