Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Kids Calc 7-in-1 Math Fun: iPod Touch app

Kids Calc 7-in-1 Math Fun: iPod Touch application
developed by Steve Glinberg

In the overview for this app, it is mentioned that it is "jam packed with features." This is not advertising hype. I was really impressed with all the different things you can do with this app. If you want students to work on skip counting, that can be done with colorful icons that are updated according to season. In a different game, you can solve four calculations, each in its own quadrant. When you solve the problem, a part of a picture is revealed. Students can also work on reading numbers which is extremely helpful if you are preparing for a state standardized test. If you work with kindergarten or preschool students, they can work on tracing numbers as well. This is an extremely helpful exercise. Kids Calc is a bargain app that you can use with a wide variety of elementary students.

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