Thursday, October 14, 2010

Zig and Wikki in "Something Ate My Homework"

Zig and Wikki in "Something Ate My Homework"
written by Nadja Spiegelman; illustrated by Trade Loeffler 
(Toon Books) 2010
Source: Mebane Public Library

 Zig and Wikki are two slacker aliens cruising through our galaxy on their way to Zig's grandmother's house. With a homework assignment to find a pet for Zig's class zoo, the two miniature friends stumble upon planet Earth. After a bumpy landing in a woodsy area, they leave their spaceship to capture a pet. During their search, they encounter several creatures including a frog and a raccoon. Since Wikki is a computer, they have access to information about each strange being that crosses their path. What these two interstellar pals need is good fortune to come their way if they are going to survive their trip and complete Zig's homework in time.

I grew up with comic books as one of my main sources of reading material. Toon Books take me back to my childhood with the humor and colorful comic illustrations of Zig and Wikki. The extra cool thing about this book are the science facts that are interwoven with the story and also included in the back matter of the book.
This marriage of fiction and nonfiction plays well with young readers. The story and science facts are written on a level for a late first or early second grade reader which makes Zig and Wikki appealing to an older struggling reader as well. Elementary students will easily connect with this book.

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